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YMATEC bvba Tel: +32 57 22 45 33 | Fax: +32 57 20 89 33
Office & Warehouse : Industry Zone, Albert Dehemlaan 31 | BE-8900 Ieper -Belgium |
To: To the person in charge of the sales/purchase of machines
We purchase and we sell textile machines and complete plants.
If you have some to offer or are looking for some, please contact us.
The machines below are our latest available for sale.
# 26281 45.000 bobbins for Free or best offer
1 Lot of 21.000 Paper bobbins with rest of Ecru PES yarn
& 1 Lot of 21.000 Plastic bobbins with rest of dyed PES yarns.
# 26280 Tsudakoma ZAX, NuovoPignone FAST R
2 X ZAX 330cm; 2 X ZAX 360cm; 6 X ZAX 280cm
5 X NuovoPignone FAST R T320
# 26210 1 X Van de Wiele Carpet weaving loom
Face to face rugs loom; Model: ADR-92 ; Bought new in 1993; Width: 4,10 m; Location:
Asked Price : 95.000 Euro Mill Floor (Ex Works)
For a free listing please send your machinery details, specifications, prices to and